The Reasons Why We Love Bussiness.

These are the Reasons We Love Bussiness. The reason being we love the casual yet relaxed air of business. It is somehow seductive and yet totally relaxing. It may be because business in Germany was developed as an alternative to post-industrial societies.

In the USA, however, the business became almost extinct after World War II. The nation was swept by corporatemania and the business sector became the center of the national conversation. The Great Depression of the 1930s nearly destroyed the American business, but the country's unique entrepreneurial spirit was able to endure. The business world was home to many of America's brightest and most talented young people.


The US economy had been growing at an impressive rate since the 1930s. Many Americans had joined the ranks of the business elite. The business sector became the largest economic engine in America. This surge in business activity spurred dramatic urban growth and prosperity. The new middle class was the middle class.


The Great Depression of the 1930s gave way to the New Deal, which in addition to government action, spawned widespread investment in many areas. The onset of World War II changed everything. The United States entered the war against Japan. The massive influx of American soldiers into the country's war effort revitalized American business and stimulated the economy even further.

Once again the business community was able use all of its power and resources. Automobile manufacturers, foundry workers, steel producers, railroad conductors, and others saw their payrolls double as a result of war production. Nearly every trade saw the need for high-quality, low-cost materials and parts as the Order of the Day. Industrial expansion led to unprecedented growth in high-rise building construction in large cities throughout the nation. The influx of skilled professionals into the industrial sector provided the much needed boost to an economy that was floundering on the verge of disintegration.


The reasons why we love business are as diverse as the people who love it. Many people believe that the definition of business is one synonymous with success. We seem to crave the feeling of being in the presence of others, of being a part of something larger than ourselves. Others decry it as a sign of a shrinking economy, of the abandoning of individual decency, and as a cry for help from a hopeless population. Some believe the business sector reacts too quickly to economic downturns and sees in them only potential profits. The fact remains that business continues to be a mainstay of American life.

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