Role of marination on meat quality

Marination is a very simple technological treatment that is used to enhance the meat qualities like flavor and tenderness etc. simply by soaking meat in different liquids that are composed of different ingredients.

·        Marination is somewhat different from brining and pickling as the brining does not have much amount of acids and pickling is used for preservation of food for longer periods.

·        Marination can help to enhance sensory and physical qualities of meat.

·        Major beneficial effects that are produced by Marination are jucier contents and better texture.

Methods of Marination:

3 most important and commonly used methods for Marination are:

1.     Injection

2.     Vacuum tumbling

3.     Immersion


1.    Injection:

Multineedle injection is the reliable and widely used method as it allows the dosing of exact quantity of marinade ensuring the regularity in the product.

·        In this process to inject the marinade the needle or probe is inserted and injecting the marinade.

·        It also saves the time.

2.    Vacuum tumbling:

Vacuum tumbling is used to provide a ready to cook value added product at the supermarket, at butchers shop or at food processing plant.


·        Tumbling results in extraction of protein exudates and this promotes cohesion during thermal processing.


The oldest method of Marination is the Marination. It involves the submerging of meat in marinades and giving time to penetrate uniformly.

·        This method does not provide regularity in distribution of ingredients.

Benefits of marinating meat:

After having an idea of Marination, the processes by which it is done, the use of marinades and their role now following are the general role of Marination on meat quality:

1. Taste/flavor:

Marination is a best and easiest way to add a gigantic boost to the flavor of meat.

2. Texture:

Marination makes the meat more jucier. Marinades help softening leaner meat and make cuts tastier.

3. Moisture/Tenderness:

                Marinating meat is an effective way to introduce extra moisture into the meat. Marinating meat not only tenderizes meat but also enhance flavor.

4. Health benefits and cancer reduction:


          Marination helps control unwanted calories. Marination can help reducing carcinogenic compound from the meat called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and help reducing the risk to cancer exposure.

 5.  Tissue breakdown:

the acid present in the marinades causes the tissue to break down.


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