iPhone 13: OH NO!

Welcome back everyone, the iPhone 13’s are actually about to officially come out on Tuesday, at least in an announcement. Here’s the thing, we pretty much almost know every single thing about these specific devices, but it seems like there’s some sad news that just came out, the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini are actually going to be losing a storage configuration potentially, again this is a rumor so we don’t know 100%, but they could potentially be losing a configuration for this specific device. Right now with the iPhone 12’s and with the iPhone 12 Mini, we have three different storage models, we can choose a 64GB model and a 128GB model, and then the 256GB model, but with the 13’s it’s looking like there’s only going to be two different models available, so there’s going to be the base 64GB model and there’s going to be a top tier 128GB model, which is funny because the 128GB model is the bottom storage variant for the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max.


This is still probably going to be the case for the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max, they are not getting increased storage models, they’re staying exactly the same as the year before, which I think is okay, but also I’m kind of saddened the fact that the 13 Mini and the 13 are going to be losing that storage model, but at the same time, it makes total sense from a business standpoint. The main reason for that is because the iPhone 12, with that higher-end storage model, is pretty much the same price as the 13 Pro or the 12 Pro at that model, so it really doesn’t make too much sense to buy a higher-end storage model of the 12 when you can buy the 12 Pro for almost the same price, and I think that’s what Apple is going to do here.


I also hope Apple doesn’t increase the price tag of the iPhone 13’s, which could cause massive uproar in my opinion, what do you think? Do you think this change is positive or negative?

That’s pretty much it! if you guys have any other questions let me know in the comment section as well, more importantly than everything else I love every single one of you, hopefully, I’ll catch you in the next article!

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