Internet of Things (IoT) and its importance in the Contemporary World


The concept of Artificial Intelligence(AI) has not been imprinted upon the minds of the masses completely and yet the world witness emergence of another diverse, immense and promising field of technology i.e. Internet of Things (IoT).


Internet of Things (IoT for short) is the concept of integrating micro/nano-chips with adequate sensors, controllers, actuators supported by networking capabilities enabling them to be connected with the Internet. Whereas, Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to machine intelligence based on the mechanism involved in a human intelligence. Just like humans have the ability to observe, learn and process different events surrounding their environment simultaneously, the machine intelligence or AI has been designed to make machines capable of self-learning. AI based machines can self-modify their code on the basis of self-learning.


The third thing i.e. Machine Learning (ML) is a sub-category of AI that, as the term suggests, focuses of developing self-learning mechanism for machines. Machine learning reduces human effort to re-program the machine again and again for slightly different circumstances. Therefore, upcoming machines are more likely to be "smart" on the basis of AI. This was a major breakthrough in the computer and overall tech industry and yet again a major breakthrough has been observed which has re-defined the concept of connectivity, observance and technology.


IoT incorporates the use of small sensors equipped with controllers, actuators and network capabilities to perform the desired functions they are designed for while being controlled remotely and leaving a digital footprint. Examples of IoT based devices are Alexa, Google Nest, Smart Homes, Smart door sensors, Smart A/C sensors, smart watches etc. For instance, one can control Alexa or Google Nest remotely directing them to perform a certain task. These devices while being connected through internet receive the input from the user, it is then passed by the controller to actuator. The actuator then converts the electronic signal into any action. The thermostat installed in a smart home, can measure temperature through its sensors and automatically calibrate it when necessary.


The importance and work needed to be done in the field of IoT has been realized after the Covid-19 pandemic as it would have been much easier to test a person's temperature and entering into the larger cloud database simultaneously through smart IoT devices.


IoT has re-defined the concept of connectivity as every important device of daily usage is becoming more and more connected to the Internet. Imagine controlling cameras installed in your home remotely to watch what's going on while you are not at home. Some apps are provided by vendors to control such devices remotely such as a/c control app to manage your air-conditioner's settings remotely. One can trace the exact location through sensors and devices backed by the GPS technology.


Cloud-computing, AI and ML are playing a key-role for perfectly integrating IoT with AI and ML forming a hybrid-system of the Internet hence making the prevalent network of connected devices more complex and difficult to handle. That's not all. IoT poses serious threat to privacy, security and confidentiality as well. With the increasing number of devices connected to the Internet belonging to a same person e.g. Smart Home, a hacker can easily take control of almost all of the devices relating to the same user causing severe damage. The hacker will be able to remotely control the smart devices installed within the victim's home and can steal valuable information as well.


This demands for improvement in the field of Cyber-Security as well since the concerned domain will become more vulnerable with the proper integration of IoT. Cyber-Security agencies such as Cisco System have already been working to detect and remove existing and future vulnerabilities introduced by the implementation of IoT.


IoT technology vows to integrate and synchronize every available technology with the internet, making its usage and benefits multi-fold. The concept of IoT cannot be realized without deploying supplementary tools and technologies needed. IoT, in combination with AI and ML, will prove to be the game changer for the entire realm of computer sciences, nano-technology, communication, IT and will re-create pre-existing Global Village but this time much more robust than before.






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