importance of education of Quran (the holy book of Islam)

Quran Kareem is called umm al-kitab (the mother of all books). It is the message of Allah to his last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). It is the religious book and most important holy book for Muslims and is a complete code of life.

Great emphasis is put on memorizing and learning all the verses of Holy Quran and those who succeed in memorizing Quran are honored with the title “Hafiz”. Quran Kareem is a guide to all the people in this world and it leads us to the path of salvation. Muslims also follow Quran as a guide to their prayers. Kids learn Quran from their childhood and some of them memorize it.

Education of Quran Kareem:

Quran is a spiritual guide to all the people present anywhere in the world. Rich and poor get benefits and guidance equally from Quran. Quran gives the knowledge that is necessary for peace of this world and the world hereafter. Quran gives information about all the social intellectual and spiritual aspects of life.

Religion Islam give a great importance to the learning of Quran Kareem as the Holy Quran is a divine book, words of Allah and a complete code of life.

It is said in Quran that:

              “Seek knowledge from cradle to grave”

We can seek guidance in every aspect of our life by learning Holy Quran. It is has the solution to all the adversities and difficulties of our life. Education of Quran Kareem is the best education in the world and getting education of Holy Quran is compulsory for Muslims. That is why Islam gives a lot of importance to the education of Quran Pak. Allah says in Holy Quran that:

“Truly there is a reminder in this (Quran) for anyone who has a heart, or who listens attentively with presence of mind” (Quran 50:37)

The Quran Kareem will mediate for Muslims on the Day of Judgment. The learners and reciters of Holy Quran will get salvation and this will lead us to paradise. So, one should learn Quran Pak and from a teacher who has a profound knowledge of how to teach Quran Kareem and has proficient knowledge of Quran with Tajweed.

How to learn Quran?

Learning Quran is a very noble act and we should recite Quran daily. Muslims start learning quran from early stages of their life.


 We can learn Quran easily by knowing how to read and recite Quran and by knowing Quran Tajweed from a teacher in mosque and schools. We can also Quran online just by sitting in our homes by using many of websites.

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