If I ran the world.....

If i ran the world, i'd never let anyone sleep hungry. I'd never let anyone work themselves to death. I'd never let anyone go without basic necessities. I would keep everyone happy and healthy, so that there's more time for the things we love the most: music, dance, art—and all the other treasures of life.


I would make sure that no one went without a roof over their head or warm clothes when they were cold. I would dress the whole world in bright colors, so that everyone could feel like they belonged, and know that it was alright to be different.


I would not let anyone be afraid of the dark. Or the light.


If i ran the world, i'd never listen to anyone who thought that some people are better than others. I'd never listen to anyone who thought that a person's race or religion or sexual preference or gender makes them less human. I'd make the whole world understand that we are all the same; that we're all meant to love each other, and be loved.


If i ran the world, i'd spend every day telling people how special they are, and that they can do anything. I'd never let anyone feel like they didn't deserve to be alive; like they were nothing. I would spend every day making sure everyone knew how loved they were.


I would give everyone a chance to smile until their face hurt with it. I would buy everyone a ticket for a trip to somewhere beautiful. I would make sure that no one ever got too old, or too hurt, to chase their dreams.


If i ran the world, I'd want it to be a place where everyone is accepted and loved for who they are. Where people understand that differences make us special; they don't make us wrong.

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